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Updated: Jan 21, 2023


2022 Summit Replay Schedule

At the end of each session, we encourage you to support the presenters and their organizations directly. Non-members can attend replay sessions for a donation to BSI.

60% of donations from each replay session go directly to support the organizations of members presenting their work.

JAN. 30 @ 12:30PM ET

The Black Century Landowners Recognition Program / Delinquent Tax Program with T'arie Todman

JAN. 30 @ 6:30PM ET

Africatown Heritage Preservation Foundation with Dr. Afia Zakiya, Clark Arrington & Chief Jason Lewis

FEB. 1 @ 6:30PM ET

Saving Rural America with Black Sustainability (Afia Raina Turner-Greenlea), Winston County Self Help Cooperative (T'arie Todman & Frank Taylor), Georgia Heirs Property Law Center (Tiffany Reed), McClendon Law & Consulting (Veronica McClendon), Mississippi Center for Justice (Andrea Barnes), and USDA'S NRCS (Shemekia Mosley).

FEB. 27 @ 12:30PM ET

Benefits Of Business Planning, Utilizing A Risk Management Checklist, Steps To Fulfilling Farm Goals with Russell Bean

FEB. 27 @ 6:30PM ET

Sustainable Agriculture Panel with Tenisio Seanima, Charles Greenlea & Eugene Cooke

MAR 27 @ 12:30PM ET

Education & Cultural Preservation Panel with Amandilo Cuzan, David Simon, Dr. Leonora Austin and Taylor Shuler

MAR 27 @ 6:30PM ET

Climate Tech Co-Founder Opportunities in the African Diaspora with Joe James

APR. 24 @ 12:30PM

Eco-Building with Jessica Lewis

APR. 24 @ 6:30PM

Leveraging Resources within Environmental & Climate Justice (Technical, Financial & Web3.0) with Dr. Erica Holloman-Hill, John Moore, Vernice Miller Travis, & Margot Brown

MAY 29 @ 12:30PM

Sustainable Agriculture Panel with Obie Pearl & Adrian Watson

MAY 29 @ 6:30PM

Alternative/Renewable Energy Panel with Adam Powers & Cosco Jones

JUN. 26 @ 12:30PM

Freedom GA Community Development with Ashley Scott

JUN. 26 @ 6:30PM

Waste, Waste Production & Management - Viable Approaches with Tanita Gray & Gyamfuah Sarfo-Mensah

JUL 24 @ 12:30PM

Sustainable Community Development Panel with Tannur Ali and Cashawn Myers

JUL 24 @ 6:30PM

Water Panel with Bekkah Marshall & Dr. Ousmane Pame

AUG 28 @ 12:30PM

Black Maternal Health IS Wholistic Health with Iya Abiye Mawusi Ashshakir

AUG 28 @ 6:30PM

Economic Effects of Gentrification & Green Entrepreneurship Opportunities with "TJ" Loftin & Adrienne Rice

SEPT 25 @ 12:30PM

Alternative Economics with Dr. Claire Nelson & Ajowa Nzinga Ifateyo

SEPT 25 @ 6:30PM

Black & Green Scholars Panel with Nadir Sherrod & Homesteading For Sustainability with Tashel Martin

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