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From the Desk of BSN's Water Industry House

Updated: Jun 7

Atlanta, GA, USA aka the Black Mecca in the US recently went without water for a week!

Negril, Jamaica, Caribbean fought for water as resorts were well sourced and residents left to suffer without water access for MONTHS.

Big Mama said, "Prepare for War in Time of Peace"

Sheila Brown gave Black Sustainability members AND anyone in our network, a full presentation on the Pillar of Water and Preparedness in Black/Afrikan communities this March.

We still were not ready.

Did you know that as of 2021, over 40% of safe drinking water violations in the US have occurred in communities of color? (US Environmental Protection Agency, 2021).

As a basic element of life, water is a crucial aspect of survival. Members of the Water Industry House explore and exchange best practices to create and maintain sources of clean drinking water for both the short- and long-term.

From watershed management to water catchment and storage, members of the Water IH are committed to creating clean water access to their communities. Our Entity members in particular, as Black-owned/led green enterprises or non-profit organizations, are providing an even greater benefit by providing eco-friendly products, services, and jobs!

As we scramble and merely REACT, take a moment to learn of a dynamic solution to the water crisis so we can RESPOND in the midst of a crisis.

Meet Entity Member Moses West: Founder & CEO of AWG Contracting, LLC.

Moses is a veteran and passionate problem solver. His company, AWG Contracting, LLC, is dedicated to establishing the atmosphere as a recognized reliable source of unlimited water. They have developed proprietary technology that captures moisture from the atmosphere, filters it and provides clean drinking water to communities in need.

AWG Contracting has operated AWG systems in Vieques, Puerto Rico and Flint, Michigan to provide clean drinking water to over 5,000 residents. They have directed the approval process for the advancement and implementation of industrial atmospheric water generation technology (AWG) to provide a source of safe, clean drinking water for military forces, disaster and emergency response, humanitarian and sustainability projects. 

And get this, the cost of the machine is not beyond what our community can pull together collectively and source. If we truly want to be prepared, a mix of approaches from well drilling, rain water harvesting, water storage, reduction of our clean/surface/drinking water consumption, and atmospheric water capture are great approaches we can take!

Interested in collaborating?

Connect with members like Brother Moses West by joining the Water IH space in the Black Sustainability Network! Don’t forget to read more about Moses’ and other members’ work in waste (and contribute) through our State of Black Sustainability Report.

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Insightful and sadly not surprised 😕 😞.

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