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Grants and Growth: A Milestone for Black Sustainability, Inc.

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

Written by Nikeya Alfred

As we reflect on our milestones and achievements from 2023, one of our biggest achievements has been expanding our team! Our journey has taken a transformational turn this past summer, all thanks to the love and support from four incredible organizations: The Fund for Frontline Power, NRDC, Second Nature, and The HIVE Fund. These grants have not only fortified our mission but have also allowed us to make major moves in our operations.

The most beautiful thing these grants have allowed us to do is honor our consistent and dedicated volunteers by bringing them on board as paid team members. We also got some fresh energy joining us on this beautiful journey. So, allow us to introduce you to the expanded, empowered team of Black Sustainability, Inc.:

Raina Turner-Greenlea - Co-Founder & Executive Director

As a native Georgian who has traced her family’s ancestry from US South & the Caribbean to Ethiopia and Cameroon, Raina's been our guiding star, leading us with unmatched dedication and vision to connect & green Africa and her diaspora.

Yeamah Brewer - Co-Founder & Director of Operations

With Sierra Leonean & Liberian roots, by way of the Twin Cities, Yeamah's passion for our people, the planet, and prosperity fuels her drive to help us operate effectively behind the scenes and live the mission daily through our teamwork, member engagement, partnerships, and development efforts. 

Nikeya Alfred - Marketing & Communications Specialist

With Trinidadian & Southern roots by way of New York, Nikeya is the bwana of spreading our message far and wide, making sure our mission reaches every corner.

Ravá Chapman, PhD - Director of Programs

Dr. Ravá Chapman, hails from Colorado by way of Texas and is currently rooted in Georgia! With her wealth of experience in Africana womens & agricultural studies, she is now steering our programs to new heights, ensuring our members thrive, create impact, learn, and network. 

Nene Igietseme, PhD - Research & Development Committee

With family roots and ties in Nigeria, Nene comes to our team as a longtime supporter and avid proponent of alternative economic systems. With an extensive participatory action research background, Dr. Igietseme is leading the charge on documenting innovation and progress in indigenous sustainability practices by pulling together our inaugural State of Black Sustainability Report.

Kelyce Allen, Administrative Assistant  

With Southern roots by way of North Carolina, Kelyce recently graduated from Duke University and has hit the ground running assisting our core team and creatively engaging our network. By combining strategic insight with a unique flair for community involvement, she has proven to be an asset for our organization!

This growth of our team and the support from our grant partners mark a monumental chapter in our journey towards empowering Black sustainability and environmental justice. We're immensely grateful for the opportunities these grants have brought us, and we're more determined than ever to make a lasting impact in our community and beyond.

As we head into the new year, we want you to know that you're a vital part of our journey. Whether you're a passionate student researcher looking to contribute your brilliance or someone who wants to support our work, there's space for you. Together, we can build a brighter, sustainable future for our Black community and the world at large.

Major thanks for your unwavering support, and stay tuned for more updates from our powerful Black Sustainability, Inc. team as we continue our mission to make a profound and sustainable difference in the world.

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