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For the month of May, we are delighted to spotlight Dr. Erica Holloman-Hill (aka Dr. E). Dr. E is the Chief Envisioning Officer/Chief Scientific Officer with Ayika Solutions.

With formal expertise as a Marine and Environmental Scientist and deep experience with community education and engagement, Dr. E is constantly weaving webs and is known for her constant advocacy for environmental justice and community owned data!

Dr. E earned her B.S. in Marine and Environmental Science and a M.S. in Biology with a concentration in Environmental Science from Hampton University in 1998 and 2001, respectively. In January 2012, she obtained a doctoral degree in Marine Science from the College of William & Mary, Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS). Dr E’s areas of expertise lie in the fields of marine and climate science, environmental risk assessments (human and ecological), community-based participatory research (CBPR), participatory action research (PAR), and environmental justice.

In 2016, Dr. E established Ayika Solutions, Inc. (ASI), a family-owned environmental consulting firm that strives to co-create and co-manage the sacred spaces where sound science and authentic community engagement merge into implementable solutions.

Under her leadership, ASI is co-developing and directing the implementation of an Environmental Justice Program for their partner, the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance (WAWA).

We are honored to have Dr. Holloman-Hill as an esteemed board member of BSI! Her work doesn't stop with our organization, Dr. E has served as a member of the US EPA National Environmental Justice Advisory Council (2016 -2019) and is currently serving as a member of the Georgia Chapter of the National Women In Agriculture Association, the Leadership Circle for Harambee House/Citizen for Environmental Justice, the City of Atlanta’s Clean Energy Advisory Board, the Clean Water Fund Board, and co-owner of Market 166 Grocery Store and Kitchen Co-op.

In addition to her environmental justice and advisory efforts Dr. E is raising her four sons, Asim, Asad, Asir, and Asun, in her childhood home of East Point, GA. Major gratitude to you, Dr. E for all you do within our community.

We are honored to spotlight you for the month of May! As a true environmental justice champion and unsung leader, we celebrate you, all those who came before you and shaped who you are, and the legacy you will continue to leave!!

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