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March 2024: BSN Member Spotlight

This month we are so excited to spotlight one of our active members,

Renee Smith-Nickelson, MFALP.

Sister Renee is a food systems consultant dedicated to improving health in the Black community. She operates a phenomenal organization, SoilDeep.

SoilDeep strives to be a reflection of community reliance and eco-sustainability. Renee's team engages in skill-based learning and community-centric teachings to develop valued relationships for long-term engagement. SoilDeep operates to bring communities together through shared understanding and provides services and products that support a thriving life.

Renee's professional experiences range in areas of agriculture and public health policy. Mrs. Smith-Nickelson teaches Food and Agricultural Education and Awareness. Her focus in food policy and advocacy in communities of color has led to planning & development, community engagement, policy advocacy, and legal research. Her goal is to, "Learn more resources available for my students and myself to further our understanding of sustainability within our community".

This month we are spotlighting Sister Renee for her deep commitment to educating and advocating for our community through acts of service, direct investments of resources and time. If you want to celebrate her in true Black Sustainability fashion, please visit her site  AND BUY BLACK AND GREEN!

Remember, support is a verb!!

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