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Industry House Highlight: Waste

Updated: May 23

While waste may sound unappealing, learning about how to mitigate it is key to creating a society that truly honors the planet that nurtures us. Humans are the only beings that produce waste which another living being cannot make use of. That being said, the items we throw away can often hold a lot of energy that still has the potential for recirculation in our human and planetary ecosystems. Members of the Waste Industry House are focused on creating solutions relating exactly to this.

From repurposing coffee grounds and food scraps through composting, to encouraging businesses to cease use of single-use plastics, to dealing directly with a country’s sanitation system, members of the Waste IH are involved in diverse ways. Our Entity members in particular, as Black-owned/led green enterprises or non-profit organizations,  are providing an even greater benefit by providing eco-friendly products, services, and jobs!

Meet Entity Member Tanita Gray: Founder & CEO of Shoe Waste, LLC.

Pictured is Tanita Gray and her logo for Shoe Waste

What is Shoe Waste, Inc.?

“We are about to change the way you see shoes. Forget what you think you know. In an era of change – everything is new. And understanding how shoes create waste is a brand new concept that most consumers are unaware of, or not conscious about at all.

Shoe Waste is the garbage that is left behind in the landfills and garbage dumps around the industrial world. A cool pair of kicks results in 40-60 years of improper decomposing. The perfect color red bottoms resulted in the inhalation of chromatic toxic fumes. The vegan sandal made 100% with synthetic toxins that are harmful to humans and animals alike – is not a fashion trend to follow.

All of these create a problem that can be diverted with the true meaning of sustainability in a green circular economy. We will show you how.”

"Interested in collaborating and creating on a related project? 

Connect with members like Tanita by joining the Waste IH space in the Black Sustainability Network! Don’t forget to read more about Tanita’s and other members’ work in waste (and contribute) through our State of Black Sustainability Report.

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