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Black Sustainability, Inc. and the Black Emergency Managers Association have partnered!

Committed to ensuring our communities are prepared for natural and man-made disasters, BSI & BEMA have intentionally partnered for greater impacts. As an international member of BEMA, BSI is now poised to offer trainings and certifications for our broad network and increase preparedness and resiliency applying both conventional and indigenous practices & strategies.

The Partnership

Black Sustainability Inc. (BSI) x BEMA = Increased Resiliency in Black communities. We know we are already disproportionately affected by environmental racism and want to be even more poised to face additional pressures from climate change. With members around the world focused in one or more of our 11 Industry Houses, this partnership focuses in on the Survival/Preparedness Industry House.

We are excited to maximize our lifetime BEMA International membership in the following ways:

  • Get our members connected and trained for disaster preparedness and relief in their respective communities

  • Deepen engagement between our membership bases for greater impacts in complementary sectors


Our Organizations

Black Sustainability, Inc. (BSI)

Black Sustainability, Inc. has the largest global network of Black/African sustainability practitioners, with over 2,000 members. Black Sustainability, Inc.’s mission is to connect people of Afrikan descent in sustainability fields to resources, development, networking, and employment opportunities.

Are you Black & Green? There is no need to feel isolated or alone as we do the work in our communities - consider joining BSI’s Black Sustainability Network – the largest global network of Black/African sustainability organizations, professionals and enthusiasts. More information.

Black Emergency Managers Association

Black Emergency Managers Association's mission is to provide information, networking, educational & professional development opportunities, and to advance the emergency management and homeland security profession within Black, Latino, African-Descent, disenfranchised, and vulnerable population communities.

To assist and ensure diversity and community involvement in all phases of emergency management, and climate change to include grant opportunities, training, preparedness, etc. with emphasis on the long-term recovery of communities.

Their vision is to be the premier association of African-Descent Homeland Security & Emergency Management professional emergency managers. Additionally, being the premier African-Descent 'all-inclusive' association fulfilling their primary mission, not excluding any individual, entity, or organization with an interest in the principles of emergency management in all communities.

This alignment of organization truly embodies the African proverb in Swahili, "Watu wanafanya kazi pamoja wanaweza kufanya mambo makubwa" meaning “People working together can do great things.” In this case, two organizations working together can do great things.

If you are interested in learning more about how to receive training or connecting around survival preparedness, security and resiliency for your community, please email us at

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