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Co-Founder & Executive Director

Raina is a mother & wife with a passion for creating & supporting healthy, sustainable communities by applying indigenous wisdom & exchanging best practices to (re)develop/support sustainable communities without contributing to irreversible damage to the planet. For the past 7 years Raina has been serving in a leadership capacity with Black Sustainability, Inc. and developing a responsive database to connect Black Sustainability practitioners to global contracts and grassroots + grasstop projects that contribute to sustainable development.


She is also working with her family to revive 160 acres of family land as a model.


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Co-Founder & Board Vice Chair

We are building the largest Black & Green network for Sustainability professionals, entrepreneurs & enthusiasts throughout the global Black/African diaspora.


Based in the Twin Cities, our Liberian-Sierra Leonian sister, Yeamah joined our team as a volunteer after learning of our annual summit. She came on board hitting the ground running serving in the capacity of strategic planning, organizing, and organizational development for the largest global network of environmental sustainability professionals, entrepreneurs, practitioners, and enthusiasts of African descent.

Although often behind the scenes, Yeamah also serves as Vice-Chair of our annual global Summit (2018-Present) and is quite active leading our social media engagement & member recruitment on Clubhouse.

Her passions are: 

Social + Green Enterprise | Investing for Impact & Sustainability | Design & Diversity Consulting 

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Agriculture Chair, Summit Committee

A multigenerational resident of Atlanta and the descendant of a long line of growers, educators, entrepreneurs, and organizers, Charles was cultivated to serve his community in a unique way. In 2019, he founded ECO-PARADIGM, LLC as an official organism in Atlanta's local food ecosystem in an effort to help bring balance between ecology and economics for communities of color.

Brother Charles joined Black Sustainability, Inc. in 2016 as an attendee of our inaugural summit and soon after supported identification of potential speakers and presenters within the field of sustainable agriculture. He has moderated sessions, led outreach and continues to be active in our Sustainable Agriculture industry house in the North America region. 

Charles loves people and nature and sees the work he does as an opportunity to support others in sustaining themselves and their communities through land stewardship.

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