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Join Sustainability Practitioners, Enthusiasts and Professionals Across the Diaspora



The Black Sustainability Network is the largest global network of Black/African Sustainability organizations, professionals and enthusiasts. Our network convenes annually for the Black Sustainability Summit, training and workshops throughout the year.


We have built a custom platform for our community of members across the globe. Our platform supports raising awareness of projects rooted in solving environmental challenges in the Black community, gaining greater visibility for qualified contractors, culturally relevant sustainability education, and contract opportunities. Black and Green practitioners and organizations across disciplines now have a single space to exchange knowledge, collaborate and providing support across fields of sustainable development in Africa and her diaspora.

To-date, our member-only network platform hosts our 2,300+ global membership. We want to ensure sustainable development is implemented while applying indigenous experts have a sacred space to connect, collaborate and contribute to projects that will positively impact our communities. 

When contract opportunities arise -- we have a match.

When community projects are proposed -- we have an impact fund/sponsors and matching experts to complete the work.

When relevant workshops/conferences/events are upcoming our vetted network is aware and can participate as either host or attendee.


And ALL members contribute to a bi-annual report on the state of Black Sustainability in their respective region of the globe.



Above, you can view our BSN brochure to see how YOU can join sustainability practitioners, enthusiasts and professionals across the diaspora to help create positive lasting change in our global community.



The one thing that we are certain of is for any collective to make a difference, it takes commitment.  Becoming a member doesn't show US you are committed to change, it REFLECTS your are commitment to being the change you wish to see.  With the Black Sustainability Network, we have 3 membership levels for you to choose from that will allow for the best access within our community with the budget that fits you best.

Note: 25% of Membership goes toward building our RBG Impact Fund to invest in fellow member projects