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As the season changes, we give thanks for Sister Ravá

Updated: Apr 5

On behalf of Black Sustainability, Inc. (BSI) we want to share a bittersweet announcement that Sister Ravá Chapman, PhD is shifting from the Black Sustainability Leadership Team this April. As she moves on to further her work with The Womanist Lab, we want to express our thanks for her contributions to BSI in both an official and unofficial capacity!

Ravá, you will be missed AND we know you will have an impact on anything you touch. (Check out her gorgeous pottery too!!). We are grateful for your sisterhood, the programmatic structure you outlined and for constantly centering personal wellness for each of us. 

Forever in the BSI family, we wish you continued success and pray you achieve all of your goals this coming season!

Gratitude for your time, energy and love.

We believe in giving our people their flowers while they are here, so as Dr. Chapman transitions out of her role with BSI, we asked her to share some insights.


Ravá hails from Denver, Colorado and attended Alabama State University. She graduated with a BS in Psychology and African American History. She then returned to home and matriculated through the University of Colorado Denver program, receiving her Masters degree in Public Administration with a focus on non-profit management. Ravá then went to Clark Atlanta University to pursue her doctorate in Philosophy in Humanities with a focus on Americana women’s studies.

One aspect of Ravá’s journey we were curious to learn more about was how her lived experiences (personally and professionally) helped to inform her programmatic insight as the Director of Programs within BSI. This is an excerpt of what she shared with us:


“I was raised in, and I belong to, the Black Church and everything I know in terms of community organizing, programming development and strategy I learned from church women and men…[m]y mother and grandmothers are the ones that have helped to inform my work most immensely.”


We were also curious to learn more about Ravá’s self-care and wellness practices as a person who balances several hats and interests, we were curious how she stays grounded and balances her daily routine, and she mentioned,

“My health is my number one priority in all situations and under all circumstances. I think it is important for people to always place their own well-being at the center of their concerns. While in undergrad I began conducting nature walks and journaling at the start of everyday--it's a part of a practice that I maintain til this day.”


When asked about her goals for the future, Ravá shared:

“To live a long and healthy life. . . and to stay sucka free (LOL). I had an opportunity to interview a 98 year old gardener and when I asked her what's her key to longevity and continued mobility...that was her advice to me... she laughed out loud and said she doesn't have any advice. She said, ‘I don't have any advice...I just mind my own business, pray to God, take care of my plants and they take care of me.’ So my goal is to always mind my own business, to be prayerful, and take care of my plants so that they take care of me. I want to be helpful to my people (both narrowly and broadly defined) and the planet.”


“It has been my absolute pleasure to serve in this position and to aid BSI in the development of its programs and initiatives. I am glad to have had the opportunity to work with the BSI Team and volunteers to support the development of initiatives,  programs, and events. I am most proud of our work around  the membership engagement structure and Industry House program, Solution Spotlight, the RBG-Mutual Impact Fund–as well as service projects such as the FAMU BEACON Project.


I am proud of the work that has been done toward the State of the Black Sustainability Report. I will miss working intimately with the exceedingly brilliant team of women. Our sisterhood has meant so much to me.  It has been my honor to serve members of the BSI network and our collective effort toward the sustainability of Black people globally for the betterment of the planet.

This network reflects the beautifulness of Black intelligence and ingenuity. I am honored to labor alongside each of you. I intend to still be a part of the BSI network and I am open to collaborate and support Black people doing good work to the best of my abilities. I wish you all the absolute best while looking forward to hearing the success of all your future endeavors.”


Next Wednesday, April 10, 2024 we will be celebrating Ravá with a few beignets! She has been an integral part of our organizational growth and has contributed to our successes, such as leading the development of our programming infrastructure and setting up our Industry Houses. We hope you will join us in toasting her with sweet treats that warm the soul.

Dr. Chapman has supported BSI since 2021. Until we can find someone to pick up where she left off, please direct all emails to

FOLLOW RAVÁ'S WORK @ The Womanist Lab 

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Much appreciation Sis. Rava` for your due diligence and giving your precious time to Black Sustainability. Sister Rava` who said you could resign? Once a member of Black Sustainability always a member of Black Sustainability. Do your Womanist work but come back when you're done. Much love and much success in your endeavors. Keep us posted! Much 💖!!!

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