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Check out our upcoming events for members (and some open to the public)!

Mastering Black Sustainability Workshops (Members Only)

BSN Members walk away with a new skill set in each respective Industry House.
Each One Teach One Workshops (Members Only)

Members teach other members a skill or a concept they have mastered.
Sankofa with the Mbongi (Members Only)

"When an elder transitions, an entire library burns down."

Members are invited to sit at the feet of elders to seek guidance and learn best practices.
10 Industry House Presentations (Open to Public)

Members and Non-members present about a sustainability concept impacting the Black community.
Industry House Meetings (Members Only)

Members exchange local & global best practices, resources & social energy.
Co-working and Conversations (Members Only)

Physically distancing NEVER socially! Hop online for good vibes, brown faces and a breakout rooms to collaborate with other members for virtual co-working.

Annual Black Sustainability Summit 

Hear from over 40 sustainability practitioners around the globe about their work and impact on the planet!



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